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Based on the security industry, our company is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Since entering the domestic market in 2003, our company has continuously expanded its product line and refined its product classification. After more than ten years of development, our company has been able to provide the market with a complete set of security products and solutions including analog, digital, front-end and back-end. At present, the main products are: cameras, intelligent ball machines, analog matrix, hard disk video recorders, high-definition network cameras, network intelligent ball machines, network video servers, digital matrix controllers, network management servers, LCD monitors, LCD splicing screens, etc. The products have covered major provinces and cities in China and many countries around the world, and have been used by many important security projects at home and abroad, becoming the main role on the stage of building a "safe city" in China.

  Services include:

  I. Free upgrade of equipment software

  Our company will continuously collect the usage feedback from customers, and upgrade the software of all "ZAXTEAM" brand security equipment in order to pursue the best application effect. According to different devices, upgrade types can be divided into USB upgrade, RJ-45 upgrade, RS-232 upgrade, CD-ROM upgrade, HDD upgrade, etc. All users enjoy free software upgrade service for life.

  Second, the use of active tracking process

  In the process of using the equipment, our company will arrange full-time after-sales service personnel to contact you actively on a regular basis, to collect your valuable suggestions on the products on the one hand, and to help you answer all kinds of questions in the process of using the products on the other hand.

  III. Relevant training for operators

  If it is difficult for the field operators to skillfully complete the operation of the equipment, and they are still incompetent after reading the instruction manual and self-study, they can submit a written application to our company. Our company will arrange professional technical engineers to provide completely free operation training to the field operators designated by users.

  Fourth, emergency door-to-door guidance

  In case of some emergency, such as on-site evidence collection by public security organs, special backup of important data, system collapse caused by malicious damage, etc., users can immediately apply to our company, and our company will assign professional engineers to provide on-site guidance services for customers to ensure that "emergency situations should be handled calmly. Malignant event, benign outcome ".

  V. Timely treatment of faulty equipment

  Replacement: within three months from the date of purchase, the purchased goods have non-artificial performance failure (no damage in appearance), and you can choose the same model and specifications for replacement.

  Warranty repair: within one year from the date of purchase, the performance failure of the purchased goods is caused by non-man-made damage, so you can enjoy completely free repair service.

  Warranty: After more than one year from the date of purchase, you can enjoy the cost maintenance service and only charge the cost of parts.

  Accessories: power adapter, data cable, accessories, etc. The service validity period is 30 days.

  To enjoy the above services, please protect the fragile stickers on the machine. The appearance damage of the machine is not covered by the warranty.

  Note: One of the following cases is not covered by the warranty:

  Equipment damage caused by any force majeure;

  Equipment water or other liquid;

  The fuselage label is damaged or torn;

  According to the appearance, it can be judged that the equipment has been thrown or smashed, resulting in failure;

  Failing to use, maintain and maintain according to the requirements of the product instruction manual and causing damage;

  Equipment failure caused by user's own disassembly.

  Our company provides 24-hour uninterrupted after-sales service. When the products you buy from our company fail within the warranty scope, you can contact our sales manager, who will arrange for us to call you after sale, or you can directly call our after-sales service hotline (subject to the hotline published on the website). We will solve problems for you in a timely and efficient manner in various ways.

  The satisfaction degree of users is the only index to judge the effectiveness of our work! We accept your supervision at any time.


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